the #1 game to improve lego skills is (wait for it.) MINECRAFT (DUN DUN DUNNNNN) if you dont know what minecraft is then thers somthing wrong with you.  Minecraft is a game where you can make diferant sheltars to survive diferant hostile mobs like zombies,skeletons,giant spiders, (theres two variations of spidars. But thats a differant story)creepers(they expode when you get to close and are also the icon of minecrft) and endarmen they are three blocks tall (thats prrety tall because you are only two blocks tall) they can pick up blocks and when you agro them(by looking at there chest or head) they shake with rage and bear there teeth(witch is not a prrety site) and there is one more that I will mention (there are about 50 mobs) and that mob is herobrine!!!!!!(DUN DUN DDDDDUNNNNNNNNN) He is the legand of notchs (the sweedish creater of minecraft) dead brother he looks like the default skin but with glowing whigt eyes. He greifs your land, destroys you land and kills you (dont worry youl respawn)  and thats just a quick overveiw.

my dog

my dog

This is my dog. His name is Dante, hes very sweet and very playful. He and my other dog June like to play, and by play I mean fight. (Thats how dogs play) I love him very much becuase he loves me right back. And best of all I can talk to him about anything and hel’l never argue! (because he can talk, in his own speical way)

I apoligize

I’m sorry that I havent made this clear but I do a new post every thursday, and I’m going to add a picture next post. Now I play with legos as if they are real pepole, my guy (lego man) is named Ash (no not the pokemon guy) he owns a wepon shop on my world (quick recap worlds are lego base plates) and he just got it cleaned.

now moving on…

Some of the other things that you need for legos is creativity, sreagnth, a still hand, a peacful mind, cliped finger nails.